Stockinette Stitching

I am using circular needles to knit an afghan using the stockinette stitch. The problem is that I want a border of grey which I’ve knitted 8 rows. Now I want to alternate rows between grey and blue. Im not sure how to do this. I tried and I ended up with a ball of yarn at one end and another at the other end of the needles. Also I was just wondering if I should just go ahead and knit one row and purl the next with the same color and then do the same with my grey yarn? Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.

this is what I would do - but I don’t know what your pattern says.
after your 8 rows of grey, start with the blue by leaving a tail (I leave about 6"), stick the needle knitwise in the first stitch of the row as if you’re beginning another grey row. wrap the blue around the right needle, and knit one row with blue. at the end of that row, purl one row with blue. change to grey and knit one row with grey, purl one row with grey. repeat.

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Please help!! I am making mittens, and I have only gone as far as the cuffs before getting stuck. The cuff was k1, p1 for 15 rounds, so there’s ribbing. How do I do stockinette stitches after ribbing? Also, for stockinette stitch, what counts as a round? Do I do 1 row of knit and 1 row of purl to make it 1 round?

Here is what the instruction says: “change to St st and inc 1 st at the end of next rnd.” So when do I do the increase?

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okay i am assuming from what you have written that you are knitting in the round. when you do just straight knit stitches in the round it turns into stockinette stitch so you don’t have to do anything to make that happen. just keep knitting. as far as how to start …when you get to the beginning of the round, just change to a straight knit stitch and you should be good. the first round may feel kind of funky because you are knitting into purl stitches and all that but after that you should be fine.

as far as where the beginning of the round is, did you mark the beginning of your round with a stitch marker? if not can you see sort of where it is from where your tail is? find your tail and move up in your work and that should be approximately where the beginning is, should be close enough by my estimation anyway. put a stitch marker there and then do your increases where it tells you to.

yes, I am knitting in a round with 4 double pointed needles. So based on the instruction, do I do 1 row of knit and 1 row of purl, then increase 1? Or do I increase 1 after 1 row of knit?

When you’re knitting in the round, you don’t purl for stockinette st. One row of knit is a complete row. No need to purl.

when you are doing stockinette stitch in the round you have to forget everything you have ever learned about stockinette. you will NOT do any purl stitches per se. basically you are going to feel like you are garter stitching the entire thing but watch the inside and you will see the stockinette Vs start to show up. Soooo…that being said, you are going to do the increases at the end of ONE round.

btw… i get bitter now when i have to do stockinette flat because i don’t wanna have to make the purl stitches! :wink:

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Thanks for the reply. I am still a little confused. I got the part about knitting with the blue strand first and then purling the next row, my question is After I knitted the first 8 rows with the grey do I leave that yarn attached and just pick up the blue yarn and leave the tail?

yes. leave the tail (by “tail”, I assume you mean the fresh working yarn that’s coming out of the skein). this is what I’ve done on striped stockinette pieces: when it comes time to use the grey again, make sure you bring it in FRONT of the blue before starting your first knit stitch with it. and don’t tug the grey too hard, as this will make the edge of the blanket pucker. repeat this with the blue.

that’s the simple way to do it. there are maaaaaany different ways to end (and start) a row. the more experienced people here can tell you about those… like one where you slip the stitch purlwise, or something.