Stockinette stitch

Hi-- I’m working on my first non-scarf project-- a tam-like beret.

i’ve managed fine learning increase/decrease but i have a quick question about stockinette stitch:

the pattern says "work 5 rows in stocking stitch"
when i watched the stockinette video on this site, it says that you do one row in knit the next row in purl in order to do stockinette stitch.

so am i essentially going to work 10 rows total-- (which equals 5 rows in stockinette)?

thank you so much!

I would Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row and Purl 1 row ending with a knit row. They don’t count Stocking Stitch as 2 rows, it is counted in individual rows.

No, you shouldn’t work 10 rows. Just do 5 - You’ll do knit and purl rows alternately till you have done a total of 5 rows… therefore consisting of 3 knit rows, 2 purl rows.

(If you were to work a total of 10 rows that would be 10 rows of stockinette.)

thank you so much! that answered perfectly. :slight_smile:

Are you knitting the hat flat (and seaming) or in the round?

Another thing, if you’re working in the round, you knit every row to get stockinette stitch. So you’d knit 5 rows.