Stockinette stitch question

Alright I tried to do the knit stitch but I would go a few times and than end up with a purl not sure how that happened.

So I looked up the stockinette stitch and it’s the one I’ve been wanting to figure out (to me it looks like what she has on the knit stitch video)

Am I doing it right you knit stitch and than purl and it ends up having that v look that I am looking for.

I hope that makes sense.

On the front side / right side you will have the V effect if you knit one row and purl the next. On the wrong side you will have nubs or bumps, or what ever you want to call them.

Stockinette tends to curl so if yours curls don’t panic :smiley:

So knit all the odd rows, purl all the even rows (when you knit flat).

Stockinette is knit one row then purl the next.

If you alternate stitches of knit and purl you will create ribbing.

When you knit a stitch, the back side of it is a purl. You’ll often hear “knit the knits and purl the purls” so it’s a good thing to learn what the stitches look like. Watch them as you are knitting and purling and see how they are different. Here’s a little photo with them pointed out.

Okay I try to do the knit stitch but I end up with purling mixed in, which really confuses me and visa versa with purling. Could I be doing something wrong, I do it how she shows in the video but I still end up with purling in the knitting. :??

If you are knitting one row and purling the next row, then you aren’t doing anything wrong, despite what the stitches look like. Sometimes they may look funny, just keep knitting or purling until the end of the row. And if you did mix purl stitches in knit rows, give it a name (Wonky Stitch may be available) and pretend you meant to do it. :happydance:

Thanks, but I really want to figure out the purling and the knit stitch. I got the stockinette stitch down perfectly looks more like a knit stitch to me than anything else.

I wish I knew how I was messing up. :frowning: But pratice makes perfect I guess.

Here is pics of the baby blanket I am working on, hope you can see the pics. I tried my best to take a good pic.

I feel like there is a knit stitch between the purl on this one.

What you have there is garter stitch, by the looks of it. By the way, it looks really good and even with no dropped stitches. Well done!

If you are knitting flat, you have been EITHER knitting every single row OR purling every single row in the whole piece.
What you need to do to get stocking is knit the first row all the way across, and purl the next row all across, then knit a row, then purl a row… etc. Remember that stocking stitch by itself will curl up quite a bit.

(If you are knitting in the round, you need to knit one round then purl one round etc.)

Remember the baby will be quite happy with garter stitch, it is actually more squooshy and comfortable than stocking stitch and won’t curl!

So that is the stitch that I am doing. LOL, and here I thought I was purling. MMM… gonna have to really work on the knit and the purling.

Gotta get those figured out, no matter how many times I watch the videos I can’t get those two stitches down.

I love the stockinette stitching, I love how it looks, that god I got that down.

Alright how I am doing the garter stitch when I am doing what she shows for the knitted stitch?

Thanks for everyone answering my questions even though they go on and on sometimes. :muah:

In knitting there are two stitches the knit and the purl. There are thousands of different ways to combine these stitches to create stitch patterns. The basic stitch patterns are the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch.
Garter Stitch is what happens when you knit every row [B]OR[/B] purl every row.
Stockinette Stitch is what you get when you knit one row and purl one row.

Does that help?

If you are knitting flat, and doing what the videos show for the knit stitch, you will get garter stitch, what you have there is also called plain knitting.

You want to do stocking stitch, so do this:

Row 1, knit.
Row 2, purl.
Row 3, knit.
Row 4, purl.
Row 5, knit.
Row 6, purl.

Make sense???

Knit or Purl is just [B]how[/B] you make stitches, not what you [B]call[/B] the stitch. You combine them in different ways to make stockinette, garter, rib or lace stiches.

Gspice, this is how it was explained to me when I was doing what you’re doing:

[B][I]Knitting [/I][/B]is when you put the needle in through the front of the loop and pull the yarn up around the back of the needle. [I][B]Purling [/B][/I] is when you put the needle in through the back of the loop and pull the yarn around the front of the needle.

That explanation made the light bulb go on for me.

Soooo, put the needle in front and pull yarn around the back for one row (knit), then turn your work around and put the needle in the back and pull yarn around front (purl), then turn your work around and put the needle in front and pull yarn around the back for one row (knit), then turn your work around and put the needle in the back and pull yarn around front (purl). Keep doing that (repeat) and you’ll have v’s on one side and bumpies on the other.

Most importantly with knitting: sometimes it doesn’t matter what your project looks like, but it [I]always[/I] matters that you have fun (enjoy!)

I found that I also needed a graphic printed out and sitting next to me when I learned. Maybe that will help you, too.

Thanks everyone. I guess I am knitting than and its actually called the garter stitch, which I don’t mind, I like this stitch. And I got the stockinette stitch down, so thats awsome. I guess I am doing good for a beginniner. Thanks for the links. When I get time I am going to learn the moss stitchig, I like that too. I can’t wait to learn the other fancy stitches.

Thanks everyone. :cheering: