Stockinette reversed while knitting in the round! HELP!

I just started these fingerless mitts and it’s my first project knitting int he round.

I finished the ribbing and started doing my knit rounds… the stockinette is reversed!!! The little v’s are on the inside of my work, and the dashes are on the outside.

The fingerless mitts are pointing downward from my needles, if that makes sense, I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Please help! What did I do wrong, and how can I fix it??

Well, either you’re knitting on the inside of your circle rather than the outside, or your knitting is upside down and got pushed through.

If you are sure you are knitting on the outside–working needles toward you, everything else away, then you can try to flip it upside down and push it through.

Well, I flipped it upside down and pushed it through, but the yarn is on the front of the working needle now, if that makes sense…

How can I get it positioned correctly so that I can start knitting again, going the other way?

Sigh. Well, knitting in the round is at least a lot of fun, even if I have to frog this whole thing. :frowning:

You might have to tink back to where you started knitting on the incorrect side. Or you can put the yarn in back and see how that looks if you knit from where you are.

One of my hats really confused me with kinda same thing. It said join in the round, knit next two rows in stockingnette. The only way I could get stockinette was to stay in the knitting and not row 1 knit and row 2 purl. I finally realized after 7 froggings I am going around and around and if I stay knitting it comes out stockinette. I dont know if that helps or is correct or makes sense, but it is the only thing that kept it stockingnette in the round for me.

That’s a good point, stockinette on circs is to knit every row–no purling.

Yeah, I’m knitting every round…

Don’t know how this work ended up backwards.

When you knit in the round, the “right” side is supposed to be on the outside, right?

Am I dreaming - it looks like this pattern would be OK if I finished it in reverse and then turned it right side out? Can anyone tell me if that would work?

They look so pretty with the Noro wool I’m using…

If you scroll down toward the bottom of this page, u will see some info about your circular knitting turning inside out :thumbsup: I did it, too, with my 1st hat :smiley:

To make things even weirder, I put down my knitting for a while and picked it back up again, and it started doing the opposite (stockinette on the correct side).

Rebecca, I read that page, but the part about knitting inside out didn’t make sense to me. :?? I didn’t understand what they meant by working stitches?

[color=darkblue]I did the very same thing with my first project.
I was working on a hat in the round.
It was explained to me that working stitches meant the stitches I was working on or the ‘right’ side and that I should think of working in the round as the circle being a bowl. There is an OUTSIDE lip to the bowl and the inside.
What you did was start where you were suppose to on the OUTSIDE of the circle/bowl and when you picked it up later (just like I did) you started stitching on the INSIDE of the circle or bowl. :slight_smile:
The needles instead of being the closest to ME were to the back and the hat was close to me when I was doing it wrong.
When you do that your stitches look like bumps instead of the V’s like they are suppose to.
I hope I am making sense.
Keep asking and you will get it. It will be like a light bulb going off.

Oh, I did the same thing on my first pair of socks! It’s so easy to get disoriented!

I’m sorry to be dense but I still can’t figure this out. :thinking:

Does anyone know of any videos online that show this?

We only have one LYS, and she will only help you if you bought the materials at her store (which I didn’t) plus I’m vehicle-less right now.

Thanks for all of the help!!