Stockinette in the round (DPN"S)

Yes, today is knitting (practice day:knitting:) I have another question: when working st st in the round (Using DPN’S) first I am having difficulty keeping track of k2,p2 ribbing…when I switch needles…then when working in the round ,I know that st is just knitting round and round, but what if the pattern says; end on purl row…:eyes: how will you know the purl side:aww: thanks to all Cheley

When I work ribbing on dpns, I like to end one needle with a purl and start the next with a knit. It seams to work out better that way. To keep track easier, I’d suggest making sure that you cast on a multiple of 4, and then you can always start each needle with a k2.

Stockinette is always knit every round. If you’re converting a flat pattern to round and need to end on a purl row, you can just end on an even row. Or really any row. You end on a purl row so you can work the next directions on a right side row. In circular knitting, every row is a right side row.

:woohoo:Gotcha, Ingrid…Thank you