Stockinette help

Hey I was wondering if you guys could help. I just knitted a scarf in stockinette, and was wondering if there was a way to un-curl it? Right now it’s looking less like a scarf and more like a tube. Thanks!

Stockinette stitch curls. Period. The only way to avoid it is to work the first and last five rows in either garter or seed stitch, and to do the same with the first and last five stitches of each row. Once the scarf is done and it’s curling, consider it a design feature and use a different approach next time. I think this is the most common question new knitters have. Yarn should come with a warning label. :wink:

Good thought Ingrid! Maybe we should appeal to the yarn companies! This was my first post also, the reason I found this site in the first place. I talked to my brother, and he said he would wear it as a tube anyway, and he better at $14 a skein! :wink:

I read somewhere on this website, I think on the Getting Started Page, that you could possibly back it with fleece, or maybe it said felt, and it would help, but i haven’t figured out how yet or if it would even work? :??

That’s true. You could back it with something. I’m working on a scarf that’s st st, and the pattern calls for backing it with silk–just sewn on. I hate to sew, so I just doubled the width of it (it has an intarsia dragon on it so the back looks messy) and will fold it over and weave up the sides–not as bad as sewing. If it wasn’t for the intarsia I would have knit it in the round.

Three works, too…