Stockinette and long-tail cast-on

I just watched the long-tail cast-on video, very helpful and easy. I’m a complete newbie, so it was my second cast-on ever, a couple of ugly bits but that’s cause I had to start again twice and my (cheap) yarn was going a bit uncooperative. Anyway I want to do a stockinette stitch for a basic baby hat pattern for charity and I didn’t understand the bit about what row to start with. I have cast-on all my stitches, turned the needle around, now what? Do I use knit or purl for the first row that I DO? Don’t tell me which one is already there, I’ll just get confused. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it;) hehe

knit one purl one does mean ONE whole ROW yes? not knit one STITCH, purl one stitch?

K1 P1 does mean stitches not rows after all, doesn’t it? I think the pattern is stockinette for the main body, which is knit one row, purl one row.

but at first it says k1 p1 just for the cuff, and that would be stitches, not rows, cos it’s ribbed, yes? i think i understand, just need confirmation:)

the baby hat has a little roll-up cuff bit.

Yes, knit 1, purl 1 means knit one stitch, then purl one stitch. That will produce the ribbing that will keep the cuff nice and snug and keep the hat on!

I’m not quite sure what you mean with your first question, but, for a hat that has ribbing on the cuff, you will do the knit 1, purl 1 business for several rows before moving on to stockinette stitch.

Thanks! I think I figured that business out. I haven’t moved onto the stockinette yet. But now that I know the scarfe-y noosey- thing I’ll be fine. I also realised cos I had some ribbing before i go onto stockinette, my question was void. I was asking whether to do knit or purl first after my casting on, in stockinette. But obviously my stockinette doesn’t happen right after casting on, because of the ribbing, so it’s irrelevant!

Even if you were to go to stockinette after the CO, start with a knit row. Yes, there’s a little bump from the CO, but to me it looks like part of the cast on row, not like a purl row. It may look like you’re doing a row of knit, but it really isn’t the same and the bumps get hidden after you’ve done several rows.