Stockholm scarf

hi…would i get the same pattern if i use straight knitting needle for stockholm scarf because in the pattern given,she used circular needle…
or is it better if i use the circular needle too?

If it’s knit flat, it won’t matter. If it’s knit in the round, you’d either need circulars or double point needles.

That’s knit flat in 2 pieces, which are then seamed together.You could CO all the stitches for both pieces and eliminate one seam. But only if you can get all the sts on a straight one - you can if you do the 2 pieces.

cn u explain more,i stil x understnd…does tat mean if i use only d straight needle i wont get enough stitches on tat needle?so tats y i need to use circular needles?mybe u cn gve links tat refer to wat r u saying

Because there are so many sts to cast on, even if you knit it in two pieces, this may be an easier project to knit back and forth on circular needles. That way the stitches won’t be crowded. With a long circular, you could even knit the two pieces at the same time from two balls of yarn and then you’d be sure they were exactly the same.

The pattern as written has you cast on about 65 sts or so and knit 2 pieces and sew the edges together. You should be able to get them on straight needles. So you can just follow the instructions as shown.

Sue, I think its 128sts cast on if you’re knitting 2 pieces and seaming (256sts if knit in the round).

Thanks, I couldn’t remember the stitch numbers. I was thinking maybe 86 and 172, but I guess that’s wrong. 128 sts is a lot to put on a regular straight needle, so a circular would make it a lot easier.