Stitches too tight

Help!!! I am knitting socks for myself and am having a problem with the stitches. I am using size 1 dpns and I try to keep the stitches loose but it seems they tighten up so bad that it is hard to knit the k3tog. Is there something I can do to help me loosen the stitches up a little.
I’m probably not advanced enought to be using such small needles and socks but I just can’t resist taking projects that are often over my head.
Any tips will be greatly appreciated.:aww:

K3tog can be tough under any circumstances. Here’s an alternative way to do it:

Knit the first stitch and put it back on the left tip. Pass the next two stitches over the one you knit and slip it back to the right tip. You’ve essentially knit 3 together without the hassle.

Thanks, Ingrid… that is a great idea. I read the forum everyday but don’t often post. When I do I always get quick and helpful replies.

OTN: socks, mittens, Build a Bear sweater.
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Hi Ingrid, this is my first time as a member and I have the same problem as Alyce, but my pattern is P3tog. Would your suggestion work for me too?

p3tog is done a little differently. Slip the first two stitches to the right needle and purl the 3rd. Then pass the first two over the one you just purled.:thumbsup:

Fantastic! I really appreciate your help with this one.