Stitches too tight

My name is Robin. I recently picked up knitting after several years. I am working on a quilt that has stripes of various patterns. I’ve noticed that when I am working an open pattern (one with 2 or more stitches knitted together, yarn over, etc.) my stitches set so tight I struggle to continue knitting. I try to knit very loosely, but the stitches seem to tighten up as I go down the row.
Anyone have suggestions of what I can do?

Thanks for any help.
Robin K

Welcome to KH!
There are several different things that can cause this but knitting on the tips of the needles is a common one. Make sure that you’re letting each stitch take up the full amount of yarn by sliding the new stitch to the fat part of the needle.


If you are using needles with blunt tips, it can be hard to get your right-hand needle into the first of the two stitches for a K2tog. You could try pointier needles if you are still having trouble after following salmonmac’s advice about knitting on the barrel rather than at the tips.


If the stutch you just worked has pulled some of the slack from the next stitch you are about to work it can appear that this stitch is very tight and hard to get into. You can try not to distort each stitch too much as you work into it, enough pressure to get your working needle through but without pulling on the stitch too much.
As @kushami said it can feel tight trying to get into a K2tog, when I find mine a little tight in the stitch I insert my right needle purlwise into that second stitch and give it a gentle pull with the needle to draw up a little slack from the stitch either side to make it easier to get into. I do not work the stitch in this direction of course, this is only to loosen the stitch a little, then i take out the needle and work as usual. On some occasions as I you’ve it little purlwise pull I use my left thumb to hold this stitch pushed up against the keft needle, this keeps the new bit of slack to the front and sitting slightly proud of the needle, leaving a small gap when I can put my right needle for the k2tog.

Sometimes I notice my overall tension alters if my hands are cold or a little damp from having washed my hands, it can cause friction between my hand and yarn on my tensioning and prevent the yarn gliding properly. Maybe this happens to you too.

Thank you. I will try that.