Stitches that showcase variegated yarn

I have seen stitching that uses variegated yarn to create small patches of solid color - it looks like three different yarns were used, but it was really just one skein of variegated yarn. Sorry, I don’t know exactly how to explain it…

Does anyone know where I can find stitch patters that make good use of variegated yarn in this manner? I LOVE working with the stuff, but find myself sticking to stockinette stitch because anything fancier looks gaudy to me.

It depends on the yarn. Some like sock yarn creates small designs as well as stripes just doing stockinette. The patterning comes from the gauge and number of stitches. Generally, if the yarn is multicolored or has texture, a simpler stitch shows it off best; plain yarn looks good in textured or lacey patterns where it’s not competing with changing colors. If you can find a link to a picture of what you like maybe that will help.

This site has some interesting examples of how to use variegated yarn to form patterns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have instructions. I’m on the lookout for any stitches like these.

Entrelac is much easier than you’d think. There’s some tutorials with pictures online:

Here’s some patterns for Mitred squares -

There are lots of patterns for Log Cabin blankets and throws. Just do a search on the different techniques - entrelac, mitered square, log cabin, etc and there’s lots of patterns. Some of them you may want to practic on some leftover yarn to see how the techniques work.

thanks so much! I’m going to try the Entrelac first…