Stitches South Goodies

I spent yesterday at Stitches South here in Atlanta :passedout:& was in HEAVEN cloud9 but once again not enough money saved up to spend there. :aww: But then again I am not sure I could ever have enough $ to spend there. :teehee:

Had a wonderful time just seeing all that yarn under one roof :drool: and planning my wish list for the rest of the year. I am posting a picture of what I did get to bring home with me. All of it sock yarn of course. OH :cheering:and I even won a door prize there from one of the vendors. It is the bright orange & pink hank of yarn at the top of the picture. Don’t know what I am going to do with it just yet since it really isn’t enough for a nice scarf but will make 2 to 3 pairs of socks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone else get to Stitches South & if so share your day with us too!

Nice stuff! About the freebie… if there’s enough for 2-3 pair of socks, there’s enough for a scarf or cowl. You would knit them on needles 2-3 sizes larger than you’d use for socks so the yardage goes a longer way.

I went! So much yarn under one roof!

I had a great time. Took a couple of classes, splurged on the Q-i Double interchangeable needle case, and a few skeins of yarn (am in the midst of knitting up a little dressy scarf already.

My budget was tight this year…you could spend a fortune there!