Stitch patterns?

dose any one know of a website that just has practice stich patterns? i mean like im looking to try something new sample it before i jump in . could allways be part of a baby blanket in the end…
reversed stitch patterns(caterpiller st, little squarers ect)
lace (eyelet ,zigzags knotted lines ect)
cable and twist(double cable panel honey comb ect)
seed stich (moss ect)
textured stich (bobble dots long stich waves ect)
i know im asking alot lol.

here’s some
You could also look at dishcloths, they are great for stitch patterns and sampler blanket squares.

thank you thats just what i wanted! whoo

Just to add another site - there’s lots of them at Some have pictures so you can see what they’re supposed to look like, and I believe most of them are from Babara Walker’s stitch pattern books.

Knittingpatterncentral also has this section of just "stitches"besides the one on dishcloths.

I just discovered knittingfool … I go there just to look at the pictures. She also has them organized in several different ways … very fun … and the instructions are in a “table” which make them very easy to follow!