Stitch pattern for creating horizontal rows

ISO stitch pattern suggestions that will create horizontal rows. While I could do 4 knit rows and then 2 purl rows, I am looking for a more interesting combination of stitches for the attached vintage Jaeger pattern. The vintage pattern is knit top down and

has dolman sleeves. However, I want to knit it bottom-up and separate sleeves so it looks more like a cardigan.
You can see the vintage jacket is knit vertically.
I found Horizontal Herringbone on New Stitch a Day, for the bolder row.
But I am looking for other suggestions.
thank you for your help.

Very good looking pattern. I actually like the simple rib and the slanted pattern on the sleeves
Herringbone stitch which is a lovely stitch pattern is a good consideration. Be sure to work it loosely if you decide to use it. It can tighten up and pull in the knit fabric.
There’s also:

Although it substantially changes the look of the sweater there’s this one:

There are also basket weave and vertical rib patterns that could be adapted to alternate with either the knit or purl sections

Thank you for your tip on working the Herringbone stitch. Also, love the horizontal rib tutorial, never saw it before. I can see how it can be useful in many ways.