Stitch pattern books - need opinions

My birthday is coming in 2.5 months and i’m seriously considering getting some knitting books. I want a stitch library, but i don’t know which one. There are Vogue guides and Harmony guides and there are Barbara Walker’s Treasuries (schoolhousepress have a special price on the 4 of them as set). Which would you prefer and why? If you have some of them - please give me your opinions.
Thank you!

I have gotten the BW treasures a few times from the library and really like them…they are very nice and contain a lot of info :thumbsup:

I have the Barbara Walker book and it is truly a treasure.

I have The Knitting Stitch Bible by Maria Parry-Jones. It has everything I need to make any stitch I’ve ever seen. It is a great book!

From what i saw, B. Walker’s books have all the stitches in one book (knit purl, lace, cables) and each book adds more stitches, while the others are divided by different stitches. Arrgh, I’m confused :hair:

The Stitch Bible has it all, knits, purls, cables, lace, bobbles, intarsia, fair isle; you need it, it’s got it!

I don’t own any of them myself (even though I asked for quite a few for Christmas), but when I’m sitting in a bookstore, I tend to flip through the Vogue guides, because I can pick one up and see stitches by the different categories, even though the yarn colors aren’t my favorites.

Thanks everyone! I think i’ll think about it :think: . I’d love some more opinions and i think other knitters would benefit from the results of this poll:cheering:

Check your library and see if they have any of them.

Mine has the cable versions of the Vogue & Harmony guides. I check them both out fairly often. I do like them both, Harmony had more stitch patterns, but I think I prefer Vogue better. The photos are better, it has both written and chart directions for each pattern. Harmony didn’t have charts for some, and a few of the photos were poor - part of the stitch pattern was cut off.

I live in Israel and our libraries don’t have knitting books and definitely not these in particular, so i can’t really know. Thanks for the input :hug:

I recently purchased the [B][COLOR=black]365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=black] and am very pleased with the variety of stitches. Also, on the Knitting Nonsense website, there is a list of the stitch counts & dates, which is really handy if you are looking for a particular number of stitches. HTH.[/COLOR]

I have a stitch pattern book from the 1970’s by Barbara Abbey that I like. An even more comprehensive book I found at the library was Readers Digest book of knitting which has tons of stitches.

I have received for the holidays the B. Walker 4 treasury books and the knitting bible (I am so lucky!!). Thay are quite comprehensive and a delight to read through, overwhelming at times, but very useful. I am assembling a baby blanket based on stitches found in the BW treasures, and I just picked what appealed to me.