Stitch N Book Handbook by Debbie Stoller

Has anyone tried to knit the big sack sweater out of this book
I am stuck on the instructions, thinking there might be a error.
I am a green knitter, and need some hot knitting help… :??

When the first edition of the SnB books came out, there were a ton of errors. According to the SnB errata page for the Big Sack Sweater:

Big Sack Sweater: Under Front Neck Shaping: For sizes Small (Medium) only: BO1, ssk, BO this ssk by passing the st already on the RH needle over it, BO 0 (1) st

That may be what’s causing you problems. If not, which portion of the pattern are you specifically having trouble with? I can grab my book and see if I can help you out.

Oh, and just for future reference…this is the SnB errata page (corrections for any incorrect patterns in all of the books):

Stitch 'n Bitch Errata

Hi Kat
Thanks for the reply

I did go to the SnB website and did record that error.

My problem is this…

Page 205

I am working on the [color=red]FRONT[/color]
I have finished the CO 86 sts (making large) finished the 6 St st rows.
Now I am working on the Inc row…
I have K35 have finished all the row instructions but I have 31 sts remaining when I am to have 35 to k again.
Now I have ripped it twice. I have calculated out the pattern and it does not make sense to me.
If you can help me with this I would be forever grateful. Plus my family will not have to hear me scream anymore.

Did you make the increases when the pattern called out M1? I noticed that there are four increases and you are short four stitches.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Well yes I did, I knitted the front and back…


Thanks so much, but going to have to research for how to make a increase without using a stitch.
A yo makes a hole does it not?
Oh well, thanks for that.

That is what happened when you only have a few neat trick, some just might not be the right one.

The M1 type increase is explained on page 61 in the book. It’s also explained here:

YO does make a hole, but it’s a different type of increase than what this particular pattern calls out for.

I feel your pain. Nothing is more frustrating when your work isn’t turning out the way it’s supposed to and you can’t figure out why.

Good luck and I hope you get the sweater to work out for you. :slight_smile:


I watched the videos on this website… :cheering:

Thanks all!!! :notworthy: