Stitch n' Bitch

The title of a recent book that has come out “Stitch N’ Bitch”. Apparently there are three of them. One self titled, stitch n’ bitch nation, and one for crochet called “the happy hooker”. Has anyone ever seen it or read it? Is it any good?

Here’s a link for those who are interested in the book:

I’ve been thinking about getting it, but was hoping to get some opinions first on whether it’s worth it.

Has anybody read it?

Oh. You don’t live in the U.S. That explains it. :lol:

Uhm, yeah, just about every knitter you’ll meet has read Debbie’s books - She jump-started a knitting revolution almost single-handedly in America. There are thousands of groups across the nation called “Stich n Bitch” groups where knitters gather to share and knit together.

So I guess you could say they’re pretty danged good!

I agree with what the person above me said. Those books rock the house :thumbsup:

There are lots of “cool” designs. The books are very popular, but not my style. I prefer the vintage styles, I guess.

Also, there were no plus sizes in the book I looked at, so I didn’t buy it.

I know the books are very popular but they are not my style either. I do have all three of Sally Melville’s books tho. Many of her designs I really like. :happydance: So glad there are SO many different books to choose from. That way we are all HAPPY and knitting away!! :XX: :XX:

LOVE the books! I own Stitch n Bitch and Stitch n Bitch Nation and I want to get the Happy Hooker book. I’m part of a Stitch n Bitch group that meets every Monday evening and I’m currently knitting a pattern from the SnB Nation book, the Lucky Clover Lace Wrap. Great books, IMO!

ANNNNNNNNNNNNND when you get to Wisconsin, not only will you be near ME :happydance: , but you can pick up a copy of all three books if they’re not available in NZ. The crochet one is pretty good too, I just wish I could get a hang of only having ONE needle :doh:

Sometimes I think I’m the only knitter in North America who hasn’t read the SnB books. :smiley:

No, you’re not. I haven’t either. I’m sooooo ashamed! :wink: This coming from an avid reader. Ah well, something about planning a wedding in only 3 months really took up a lot of my free time…

Well I have them both, but haven’t read them. Lots of hipness to make knitting cool. Good. Knitting is cool!

I was moved by the story about her Grandmother and the last sock on the way to heaven. So poignant. :heart:

A hook, Hildie, not a needle. :wink: Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. :smiley:

SnB was the first knitting book I got - I haven’t read it cover to cover, but I use it as a reference (and my first non-hat non-scarf FO… only non-hat non-scarf FO so far!.. was the “Tank Girl” tank top from it). I also have Sally Melville’s Knit Stitch, and between the two of them, if my computer is off and I can’t come here or use Amy’s CD, I can usually sort out what I’m trying to learn to do… usually!

SnB can be a bit too smart-mouthed for me sometimes, but basically I give it :thumbsup:

ETA: Oops. I keep forgetting I made a Booga bag. So first non-hat non-scarf non-BAG FO…!

I think the reason I got so enthousiastic about knitting is specifically because of the SnB books. You can find colourful, modern, funny patterns, which is not always easy to find. The tone of the book is also very funny (I know some people don’t like it… but I personally love it. Including all the sexual innuendos :D). I’m a huge fan! :thumbsup: And I heard a new book was coming up too? :happydance:

I have it and really like it. I have found myself laughing out loud :roflhard: while reading it! I also find the instructions helpful as she takes the “seriousness” out of the explanations. This is supposed to be fun; right?? Coming from a woman who just frogged the side of a simple vest for the second time and said “bad” words!! I have the big hard cover Vogue book for serious moments. :thumbsup:

Sop 1 from NC

Me either. I’ve leafed through them, but haven’t found anything in them that really says “knit me”, so you can add me to the list of vintage knit fans as well as plus size knits.

I’d like Melville’s books someday though. They seem more my style.

We are always so behind here in NZ. We get TV shows later, books later, and news later. LOL

I just bought Stitch n’ Bitch Nation and so far I’m liking it. :thumbsup: I’ve also ordered in the original stitch n’ bitch so hopefully I should have it by next week! :slight_smile:

There is apparently a new one coming out, at least there was a call for pattern submissions a while ago. The new one will have more advanced techniques (color knitting, lace, etc.) described at length and patterns for more advanced knitters.

I have all three and love them! When we went to The Netherlands for 3 weeks, I finished my first scarf and had no idea how to bind off and SnB helped me finish it over there.

I haven’t read any of her actual books yet either. None of them have popped into my hands when I’ve been at my knitting meetings {we meet at 2 different bookstores in town}. I did, however, pick up her knitting journal. It’s great for my WIMs and my designs.

It is true that we get everything later in NZ if at all but the S n B books have been available in NZ for some time. I got the first 1 at least a year ago and have seen the other 2 in the shops. Sadly though there is not
much KIP here and no TV programmes or NZ magazines about knitting. The closest are mags from Australia.