Stitch markers

I just wanted to pass along a hint to you for marking the beginning of rows and rounds. I have some pierced earrings that have lost mates. I’ve been using them to mark the beginning of my rows. The post type earrings are especially handy to use, followed by small hoops with the hinge like clasps. Hope this helps.

Here’s an example.

I can’t wear my pierced earrings due to my grandson pulling an ear ring through my earlobe when he was a baby. It tore my earlobe in two. The lobe has about a quarter inch long split in it. So now I know what to do with all of my pretty ear rings.

Great idea in a pinch!

I like jump rings that come a bunch to a bag. They’re great for making ring counters, too. :thumbsup:

Nice tip! Thanks!

I made some [B]yarn stitch markers[/B] several years ago. The yarn I was using was getting snagged by the regular stitch makers. Nothing in my stitch marker arsenal was right for the job. It was a lace project, BTW.

So I used some waste yarn, and tied yarn around a larger metal needle, securing the tight knots with a drop of fabric glue.

Voila! Some yarn markers! They slipped from one needle to the other easily, silently, and without causing havoc with my project yarn!

I love to read about stitch marker alternatives! Thanks for your contribution! (and yes, I have some lonely earrings without a mate, too!)

I, like ArtLady, made a bunch of yarn (actually crochet thread) stitch markers of different colors, and they work great! In a pinch, I also once used swivels from my husband’s tackle box. These won’t work with large needles, but they worked fine for the smaller needles I was using.

Good use for earrings since they tend to disagree with my ears anyway.