Stitch markers

when you place a stitch marker, do you place it on the stitch or the needle?
and how do you transfer the marker from between the two needles??? if you place the marker on the stitch, would you remove it, knit the stitch and then replace it on the newly made stitch? or if you place the marker on the needle, would you just slip it???

i dunno. on all the instructions, it just says “place marker” but it doesnt say WHERE to place it!!!


You place it on the needle between two stitches, and you just slip it from one needle to the other as you’re knitting.


but wait-wouldn’t that make it harder to knit the stitch after that??? just a thought.

not any more than it would if it were a stitch sitting there on your needle. it is just a thing there…just keep knittin’! :wink:

can you make your own stitch markers out of a different color yarn or something??? and stitch holders–if your only holding like 6 stitches or so can you use a large safety pin??? id rather do that than buy them.

Absolutely! Just use a different color for the loop. Just tie it around your needle where you need a marker and cut the ends. You can also thread yarn through stitches for a holder–sometimes it’s better because there’s no hard stitch holder to get in the way.

oh cool!!!

All kinds of things can be used for markers… the little plastic clips from bread bags, twistie ties, bits of contrasting yarn, pipe cleaners, even drinking straws.
I use scissors to clip narrow rings from different colors of plastic drinking straws (clean ones, of course). But you may want to do that into a shoe box or inside a gallon size baggie, as the small rings tend to shoot all over the room.
If you want to get REALLY fancy, go to the craft store and get some of those sparkly type pipe cleaners and cut pieces to the size you want. Or some ‘french wires’ for pierced earrings with small beads, pinched slightly closed to stay on the needle after clipping or slipping them on.
If you can look at a picture of something knitted and say “I can make that”, then think about what you need to do it, and make what you need. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I don’t need to spend when I can recycle.
Personalize your tools, and you can say “I made this with tools that I made”. Get crafty with your craft… so to speak. :thumbsup: