Stitch markers

just wanted to share my most recent fo, ok so it’s not knit but I’ll need them to finish my next fo-socks (for me, finally).
I’m proud of them and wanted to share. The red ones are for my neighbor, for Christmas. I also made something else but it’s for my sockintine swap pal and so I’m not posting that. sorry, you’ll just have to wait till after 2-14-06 when she get’s it in the mail.

That is so nice of you to make me some stitch markers! :teehee:

Those pictured are so pretty :cheering:

Mintdee, if I get u for the next swap I’ll make you what I made my pal, but they’re not stitch markers. :teehee:

jberry - those are neat looking. Can you tell me how to make them? or refer me to a site with instructions? I need some pretty stitch markers.

I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought some of their Charms (4 to a pkg for $1.47) and then a 12 pack of “7000 Round Jump Ring 12mm” (for $.99). Then I opened the jump rings jut a little bit with my fingers, didn’t really need pliers and then used pliers to close them. For the three sets I made (not including the glass of wine during the making of them) I spent $5.40 before taxes, that makes them $.45 each, and turns out my 12pc of rings actually had 13 in there, bonus! Thanks for the compliment, it makes me feel good when someone wants to do what I did to make their own. I know people sell beautiful ones, but I can’t see spending the money on them when I can make them. (no offense to anyone that sells them)

where do you get the beads from–a craft store? We don’t have a Hobby Lobby but we do have Michaels, Joanns and AC Moore. Did you have to thread the beads on something first, like a jewelry wire or something?

I’d check Michaels, the beads we’re already strung on the wire, all I did is what I said in the previous post. Look in the jewelry area.