Stitch Markers

I would love to create some stitch markers !!!
Just wondering if there are any good sites out there with instructions?

Go to the forums at I think the Completed Projects board in the Knitting section may have some links to instructions. Use the search function.


There are tons!

Here are some I bookmarked:

How to make Stitch Markers—Lots of links (Sculpty clay) (scroll down a bit) (various designs)

Don’t mean to hijack your thread, but don’t these catch on the knitting? They are lovely, but I’ve always been hesitant to buy any. wouldn’t dream of trying to make any.

I always thought they’d catch on the knitting, too, or get in the way somhow. I bought some because they were so pretty, and I find that because of their weight, they stay put much better than the little ring markers you can buy–I’ve lost thousands of them. :teehee:

They never get caught, and I haven’t lost one yet.