Stitch Markers

For those who have made stitch markers…where do you find the rings? I haven’t found any that I like at Michaels or Joanns…suggestions?

You can find jump rings of varying sizes at Hobby Lobby. You can find them at (Look at Findings -> Jump Rings.)

To make your own, pick up some 18g or 20g wire, coil them around some knitting needles, then snip the rings apart with flush cutters. (A jeweler’s saw would be better if you have one, but probably silly to get if you only plan to make stitch markers.) Depending on the size of the rings you make, you might need to work harden them by smacking them with a rawhide or plastic-headed mallet a couple times – but you’d only need to do that if you were going to make something to fit large needles.

Something I like to use are leverback earrring hooks – they work on up to about a size 9 needle, open and close easily, and can double as earrings, if you’re a goofball like me. :wink:

Another ring I like to use is the ring from the toggles used to close bracelets and necklaces. I like these because they don’t have the split that can catch on the yarn. You end up only using the ring part and the little bar part is wasted. I havent come up with anything to use the bar for.

How about using the bar to make a fob? You could wire beads onto the end, or maybe a tassel. Then finish up your fob with other lovelies.

Lynda M

I’ve searched a lot since I make quite a few stitch markers and Hobby Lobby really has the best prices. Their jewelry findings go on sale about 2x per month which makes them really affordable.

That’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

You could also possibly get other beads or components like carved stone flowers or something and wire those onto the toggle. Could make cuff links or something.

I’ve been using the ring part of the toggle bracelet closures too. And those long pins with a finished end. I like the lever back earring idea! You could easily add markers and remove or move them. Cool! Thanks! sammmmmmm