Stitch markers

I didn’t see a really good place to ask this, but it is a “how to” question, so…
Does (or has) anyone made their own stitch markers with cute beads or charms? I’ve seen videos of them and thought they would be not only useful and attractive to me, but as gifts for my friends who knit. I’m having trouble with getting the “extra” part of the head pin to wrap without leaving the very edge to possibly snag the yarn. I just bought some cheap headpins at WalMart to see how this goes, do I need to get a higher quality to get them to wrap properly?
Thanks in advance for any advice or tips. :blush:

Your question reminded me of this post from 10 years ago. I don’t make stitch markers, although they are lovely but maybe the photos will help with your question.

Thanks!!! Apparently sterling silver is the way to go to get neat wraps.