Stitch markers- how to use them

Ok, I searched. I couldn’t find. So now I ask…

The instructions on a new pattern I am contemplating (baby blanket) has PM (place marker) in it- looks like it goes in the middle where the pattern direction changes.

So do I put the marker on the needle, or does it go onto a stitch? On this pattern later you have to “slip” the marker so I am thinking it must go on the needle.

Does it depend on what you’re working on where it goes?:think:

For this type of marker you would use one that goes on the needle. It marks where you do increases, decreases or start a stitch pattern and is moved/slipped from the left needle to the right when you encounter it on a row.

Sometimes a pattern will have you `mark’ each end of a row; this is for measuring purposes and you can just tie another color yarn in the stitch, or use a removeable marker.

Yes, it will go on the needle. I may be wrong, but usually when it says PM, it is to mark where there will be a pattern change, or where side seams will be (not the case for a baby blanket though!), so it stays on the needle. I think it goes on the st when you are marking a row. Someone with more experience can detail the difference, but in this case, I’m pretty sure it will go on the needle.

a HA! Until I read further and saw “slip marker” I thought they always went on a stitch.

I think I have some markers somewhere (probably with my cable needle, so I anticipate mcguyvering a knitting tool yet again) but will take your suggestion to use tied yarn for the ones that have to go on a row in the future.

You can use a circle of yarn on your needle too. :slight_smile:

Yay, now I don’t even have to look for where I put the markers. They just looked like little washers anyway.


If you’re using small ndls, cut tiny rings from a plastic straw. Quick and easy markers.