Stitch Markers for Raglan Sweater

Hello! I’m knitting my first sweater. It is raglan from the top down (please let me know if I’m saying this right). I’ve knit scarves and blankets, and crocheted plenty, but I adore the look of a knit sweater and wanted to give it a go. I bought a pattern with good reviews that was marked as beginner friendly - and all in all, the pattern seems fairly simple. I’m going to work it in the round, and it is only stockinette stitch.

I did come across a roadblock pretty much right away. I cannot for the life of me understand where the stitch markers for the raglan stitches are meant to go.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 10.39.55 AM

I know that there will be markers placed on either side of the raglan stitches. I have already cast on 45 stitches. I’m left wondering:

  1. The table indicates that there are 4 Raglan Stitches (RS). How do I know which RS are the ‘central two RS’?
  2. Is it normal to have this sort of chart in a pattern? I am left wondering why the numbers go up and back down on the chart : (

Any help is more than welcome. I invested in a new set of needles and spent a pretty penny on yarn, but if worse comes to worse, I am ok with using a different pattern!

Thank you all in advance :’)

Edit: The pattern is the Kaethe x Jacques by kolibribyjohanna on etsy. Apologies for not including this in the original post!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
What is the name of your pattern and the designer?
Each of the sets of 2 raglan sts is considered as the “central” sts. You’ll have 8 markers, one on each side of the 4 raglan sts.
The markers will be at the red lines in the chart.
These charts do show up in patterns and are usually helpful. Sometimes they can be more complicated with extra markers for a pattern stitch segment on the front or back or sleeves. It can be helpful for visualizing the marker set up.

Ty so much this makes so much more sense now :inlove: I’m definitely more of a visual person so I greatly appreciate the visual marks you put on the chart. Also, I updated the original post with a link to the pattern, the designer, and the name of the pattern.

Have fun with this very pretty sweater!