Stitch marker when knitting in the round

I have started the fish hat from Knitty and it says to add a stitch marker after knitting a few rounds. How exactly do you do this when you are working on dpns? I am new to knitting in the round. My guess is that you add it one stitch before or after the actual round, seeing as the marker will just slide off the dpn otherwise.
Thanks in advance.

That is what I do. I always knit one stitch of the new round and then place the marker there. Because I am 100% consistent about how I do it I never wonder what I meant by having the marker there—marker is [I]always[/I] after the first stitch.

Thank you very much. That was what I figured, but sometimes what makes sense to me isn’t the way to do it!

Putting it one st before or after the actual beg of round st is too confusing for me to remember. The beg of round doesn’t actually have to start at the beg of a needle; you can knit to the end of the round, put your marker on, then knit a couple more sts off the next needle before switching to an empty dpn. You should do this anyway on all needles to help avoid ladders where the needles change, it shifts the sts over that are at the beg and end of the needles.

You should do this anyway on all needles to help avoid ladders where the needles change, it shifts the sts over that are at the beg and end of the needles.

You could. But this is a matter of preference. I never do and find the whole idea of changing where the end of the row is all the time very confusing. I still don’t usually have a problem with ladders.

I guess I ought to have said ‘could’; I don’t have a problem with ladders, but then again, I do shift the loops so they’re between different sts all the time when I ML or single loop.

you can always concider markers that are not acutally on the needle. (tie yarn in, take a paper clip or best a saftey pin as replacement if you do not have a marker to put into the stitch.)

If I knit on dpns, I always start my round on a new needle. I do not shift this around. but since the tail is at the cast on row and I do not change the position of the “needle switch” this is no problem at all. My rounds don’t get marked there. if it were a very long tube and it would matter for my pattern I would concider to remark the spot sometime further up the work.

it is all different if you pull some stuff out. THEN you need a marker (in a stitch that will not get pulled) that tells you where to start your needle again.

Thank you to everyone! I have heard of all these ideas, just never needed to put them into practice. I have only been knitting for a couple of years, and only just started working on the dpns, which scared me to death for a while. I forced myself to get over this by making my first sock.
[COLOR=“Red”]suzeeq[/COLOR]- I haven’t had a problem with laddering since the beginning of my first sock, but I do pull that first stitch tight as per the vid on this site about working in rounds, esp. now that I understand why you should.
[COLOR=“Red”]hyperactive[/COLOR]-Didn’t consider that the tail was a good indicator of where the round starts!

You guys are all fantastic! Thanks again.

we just have fun in knitting - and I think it is fun to help others to learn / improve / better my own skills by helping - and I do learn from other posts a lot, I do ask questions and so the circle closes.