Stitch Marker induced Migraine

Hi everyone, I’m an amateur knitter-I’ve made scarves, and one baby sweater that turned out a bit messy, b/c I didn’t follow gauge closely enough.

Anyway, just got a pattern for a baby hoodie on Lion Brand’s site.

is the link, of you want to check it out, and have a lionbrand username, etc.

Anyway, I’m going along great until the part with the stitch marker. I’ve used a marker to just mark a row before in straighter knitting, but w/ the circular needle to “transfer” stitches onto, I’m lost. Last night, it resulted in me transferring the stitches, and each time, having such a difficult time continuing the initial knit stitches after the most recent transfer, and my yarn ended up breaking under the tension. So, I yanked it all out and am starting from scratch. I’m too tired to be really pissed about this (I was up way late trying to remedy the situation), but am anxious to get some help.


Hi, I’m a little confused. Are you using stitch markers or stitch holders? I read over the first half of the pattern and I don’t see anything about markers, which are too small to hold stitches.

Say you’re knitting the smallest size. When you divide for the front and back, you’re going to knit those first 25 stitches and then slip them onto a stitch holder. You might also use a piece of waste yarn, and if you’re worried about the stitches slipping off you can tie the ends of the waste yarn together. Then you would knit the next 46 stitches and then slip them onto a different stitch holder or piece of yarn. Then you can focus on the stitches for the right front and come back to the other parts later on.

I hope this helps!

K 25 (27, 29, 33) sts and transfer these sts to st holder for Left Front, k 46 (50, 54, 62) sts and transfer these sts to st holder for Back, k remaining 25 (27, 29, 33) sts for Right Front.

Ok this can be easy so don’t stress to much. What I would do is to knit 25 st (You didn’t state what size you are making so I am going with the smallest size for my example) then take a piece of scrap yarn about the same weight as your garment, but a contrasting color, and thread a tapestry needle with the scrap yarn. Pretending the needle is a miniture knitting needle slip the stitches purl wise on to the yarn. Then you would knit 46 sts and do the same thing with the scrap yarn slipping the sts purl wise. Knit the remaining 25 sts for the front. You will then be working on just on the right front, letting the stitches on the scrap yarn hang down. When the right front is finished you would proceed to the back transferring the stitches off the waste yarn directly to your knitting needle. Do the same for the left front as well. I hope I explained this good enough for you to follow me.

it [B][I]is[/I][/B] a stitch holder—sorry about that confusion.
So-I think I’ll go the route of using the tapestry needle/spare yarn—so actually use the tap. needle like a knitting needle? If I purl stitch it over after knitting those, say 25 stitches, that doesn’t do anything wacky with the pattern?
When you guys envision this—can you see how the string of yarn to knit the new stitches may be tense and tough to get really close to the next stitch after I transfer?
Maybe some of the prob was that I was using a stitch marker, which was not the right thing to be using.
Thanks for the continued help-I’m psyched to see such quick replies!

That’s it – just slip the stitches onto the tapestry needle as if to purl, and the pattern should be fine.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, it seems to me that if you knit those 25 stitches before placing them on the waste yarn, your working yarn should be in the right position to knit the next group of stitches.

Good luck, and don’t forget, knitting help is what this place is all about! :thumbsup:

Just remember not to actually purl them onto the scrap yarn, just slip them purl-wise. Slipping purl-wise prevents the sts from being twisted.

thanks, everyone! I’ll be back on here when I get to that part of the sweater (hopefully in a few days).
wish me luck!

GL with it. That sweater is adorable - it’s in my queue to do. :slight_smile:

update here—and it’s not good:
I did the transfer of the stitches to the holder (other piece of yarn), via tapestry needle, purl style. Somehow, it seems that there is this long-*** piece of yarn in between, like I can’t knit the yarn in tight enough, so in between each section, there’s this long strand. I wasn’t worried, b/c I figured once the sweater was together, I could tighten that up somehow. So, I just looked at it, after finishing all of the instructions up to the right side (did buttonholes, etc), and realized, somehow, the sections are separated out, so that I had right and left sides next to each other, and the back side was on an end. I am certain I followed the direx, and ended up with this. Guess I screwed this up again, and am unravelling for the 2nd time.
I really think it’s a cute sweater, and doesn’t seem like a tough pattern-does anyone have any suggestions of where to go for an easier hoodie pattern? I am really annoyed right now to have to take this out again…
Maybe I should find another hobby:zombie:

Hi Jen,
I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble with this! I don’t have any other pattern suggestions for you; hopefully someone else will be able to answer that for you.

I’m not the most experienced knitter on this site, but I’ve decided to try out the Lion Brand pattern since it’s so cute.

I was wondering if you happened to put the stitches for the left front and the back on the same holder or two separate ones. I’m just trying to form a mental picture of what you described and figure out how it happened. It sounds like you were making good progress up to that point, too!

I hope you don’t feel too discouraged; sometimes even patterns that seem (or should be) simple can trip us up. I think most people on KH will tell you stories of when they’ve had to rip their work out more than once before getting it right – I know it’s happened to me!

Anyway, best wishes, and maybe we can compare notes on this sweater in a little while.

ETA: If you haven’t already ripped everything back to restart, it might help to take a picture of what you’ve got and post it here. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.