Stitch holder

I just got a pattern and some yarn for a shell today so I haven’t started knitting yet, but I was reading through the pattern and it says to place the stitches on a holder, and I was just wondering if I could just use a spare needle or something like that. Or does it absolutely have to be something specific? As far as I know you just need to get the stitches out of your way. So I am thinking it doesn’t matter but I figured I’d ask you guys.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t matter whether you put them on a spare needle, a stitch holder or a piece of waste yarn as long as those stitches are in no danger of falling off while you work on the rest of the pattern.

I tend to use a strap piece of yarn… but make sure it’s long enough… and I like using a different (vastly different if I can) color, so nothing gets lost.

Thanks, that’s what I figured. Always good to double check though.