Stitch holder alternative

Hello. Does anyone have any alternatives for stitch holders that I could use for 15 stitches? Currently self isolating in Portugal so can’t go out and buy anything! Thank you.

Just use a piece of waste yarn and thread it through each stitch with a grafting needle. If you want to make it more safe, tie together the ends.


I use yarn also. I prefer cotton if possible but anything that’s smooth will do the job. I try to avoid yarn that is too thin, it makes getting stitches back on the needle more difficult. I’ve used a dpn or interchangeable needles cable before.

I hope you’re well and stay that way.

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I mostly use yarn too. I also like to use yarn to keep track of rows simultaneously with stitches. This works very well unless you have moving lace pattern. I have used tiny rubber bands (sold for hair). They have occasionally jumped stitches. image

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I’m still at the stage where most things during this project are ‘firsts’ so trying to figure it all out as I go :slight_smile:

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As this is new to you here’s a video that might be helpful. If you just want to touch bases here that’s fine too. Off topic threads generally end up in The Lounge.

I’ve even used dental floss to hold stitches. Easy in, easy out.

Thank you for all your replies, they have been really useful!