Stitch Dictionaries: Should I buy Vogue or Barbara Walker?

I was looking at the three Vogue stitch dictionaries in the bookstore the other day (Knit & Purl, Cables, and Color) and they look pretty good, with nice color pictures of the stitch patterns. I’ve never seen Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionaries in any store but I’ve heard good things about them.

So, before I buy or order anything, do any of you have any opinions about these books? What are your favorite stitch dictionaries?

Thanks for your help!

I hear great things about Vogue…I don’t have either though…

I have three Vogue books and I love them!

I have Barbara Walker’s first and second stitch treasuries and I love them. However, in the new printing (available through KnitPicks for about $30) the photos are all black and white.

I have 2 of the 3 Vogue Stitchionaries, vol 1 and 3. I have the Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns borrowed from a library. Vogue has color. Despite that, I think the Walker book is better. I haven’t counted, but I feel like it has more patterns in it. And some of the patterns have little descriptions about difficulties you might have with them or their uses and such. I do still like the Vogue Books, though.

I think I’ll go ahead and splurge on the Vogue books. Thanks for your responses!

I have to agree with Mwedzi. Overall, the Walker books are the best. Sure the Vogue books have the pictures in color but really that isn’t that important. The color of most of the swatches in the first volume is a ghastly green.

The cable volume of the Vogue books is fairly nice but I don’t think that it is better than the Walker books. The Vogue books have the lace stitches mixed in with the regular knit and purl which is not handy if you like lace. The number of lace patterns is inadequate. The Vogue books are also a very unwieldy size and shape.

The Walker books have the stitches well organized. There is helpful knitting technique information provided not only for individual stitches but at the beginning of each section also.

If you really want a stitch dictionary with photos in color a much less expensive alternative is the Harmony Guides to Knitting Stitches. If you get volume 2 and 3 you will have plenty of stitch patterns (almost 900) to last you a good long time and they are only about $12 each so you can get both for less than one of the Vogue books.