Stitch counting and the slipknot loop

So I’ve started on the wash cloth for Texas… 3 times. I keep having trouble with the number of stitches. The pattern says to cast on 38, which I have done now 3 times and I always seem to end up with 39 stitches by the 5th or 6th row. This of course throws off the pattern. I still haven’t figured out how that keeps happening but I will.

Right now my big question is does the inital slipknot part of the casting on count as a stitch or not? I’ve done it where it did and ended up with a stitch too few. So the next time around I did it where it didn’t and then I ended up with a stitch too many. So now I’m cnofused.


Count the slip knot as a stitch.

There is a sticky at the top of the page that talks about where those extra stitches come from.

If you’re not counting the slipknot as part of the 38 sts, but knitting it, that’s where the extra stitch comes from. :wink: