stitch appearance round to flat knitting

Switching from knitting in the round to back and forth leaves a different appearance of the stitches. Someone suggested it is my tension, but I’m inclined to think I need to align the stitches a different way. I can see the difference in the finished product. I tend to use circular needles for everything, as I can fix mistakes easier.

Are you twisting your stitches?

Can you post a photo?

Just to be clear… when you do stockinette in the round you knit every row. To do stockinette flat you alternate purl and knit rows. Because you are purling one row that could affect your gauge. Some people purl tight and some purl loose. It can affect the look on the front side of the stockinette. Some people get what is called “rowing out” where it looks loos-ish every other row so kind of bumpy. Is that what’s happening?


Guy I get work from had a sweater from his daughter, a new knitter. I was looking wondering how she did that. Then it struck me, it was a RS/WS knit item and she had tension difference between knit and purl. Somehow her legs were different depending on which way she was going. It gave it an interesting herringbone effect.
I’m sure if she was doing in the round her long leg would be all the same side. This is an extreme example of the difference between knit and purl.
I’m also pretty sure as she gets experience her legs will even out, I can’t even figure out how she’s doing it and it doesn’t clear up with washing. I’ve never seen her knit

Almost everyone has some tension differences between K&P. My DK hats with few color swaps are different sizes between the knit side and purl side.

If you posted a picture someone could figure out what the difference is.

Maybe the reason for the difference is working the purls with the yarn wrapped clockwise as in combination knitting. I don’t work them that way myself but know from reading that working them that way requires working through the back leg on the next row but for whatever reason this is a problem with knitting in the round. I wonder if the OP is working some of the stitches wrapped clockwise, or maybe all of them.

I did that on my first project–knitted an entire scarf with twisted stitches. :expressionless:

no, the slant of stitches makes the change noticeable to my eye

I will. Just have to yank a sweater off the Mr, ha, ha!

Took me a while to take pics, upload to my drive, etc, etc. The first pic is upside down, but I think you can see the stitch change even easier! I see space between the rows that didn’t appear while knitting in the round. The (wonderful wallaby) sweater is knit in the round, bottom up, until you start back and forth for neck opening. I’ve made a bunch of these. Maybe I need to train myself to hold the yarn for tension instead of just “throwing” it.

I don’t see pictures.

It looks to me like you’re twisting your stitches every other row–does everyone agree?

Something strange is going on here:

I’m trying to figure out why it looks like the stitches change direction. Is that because of the twisting? Somebody help me get my bearings.

I agree, Ouisi, the sts are twisted on either the knit or purl rows. That’ll certainly tighten them up and give you a different tension. It’ll also create the holes that you see Villageidiot, It could be from knitting into the back of a stitch or from wrapping the yarn clockwise around the needle.

This tutorial shows it very nicely.

Thanks, good tutorial!

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I saw that funky middle pic stuff too. Didn’t look at, possibly changed to new skein, especially since this is the back.

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That’s the change to back and forth knitting, from knitting in the round

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I realized it’s my purl method! I always wrap clockwise. It’s the way I was taught by my mom. Wow. I’ve been knitting for YEARS!!


You nailed it! Now what do I do with the current project?

Thank you so much for helping me solve the issue! Since the project I’m on is a linen “slouch” top, and the twisted rows are on the back, I just kept on, adjusting the purl wrap on the top third Now the front looks good. Even the lacey part looks better, lol! I’ll post pics later.

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