Stitch and bitch

Im throwing my first stitch and bitch party this Friday. It will include alcohol, snacks and some chick music! I wanted to make it extra fun b/c it’s a first for everyone who is attending. Are there any cool stitch and bitch party ideas? Games or anything that i could add to it to make it more fun?

Hmm, I’ve never had a S&B “party.” We have a S&B group that meets every Friday morning (we rotate homes) and whoever is hosting serves coffee and a snack if they choose. Once in a while the hostess will serve lunch and our morning goes into early afternoon. Mostly though, it’s only a couple of hours in the morning. We don’t play games. We literally do what the name “Stitch & Bitch” says. We all bring our projects and share ideas, problems etc and talk about what’s going on in our lives.

Why does alcohol make it fun? This is one I have never understood. Alcohol and sharp pointed objects never mix well. JMHO

I didn’t think about it like that, crocee. How funny! Alcohol does mix well with the bitch part of it.