Still pregnant - He's here!

I am being grumpy and ranting (thank you in advance for listening). My due date is Tuesday, I have been having contractions for 2 days, but they are not regular enough to warrant a trip to the hosp. Baby is so low the OB is literally worried we may not make it to the hosp in time if my water breaks at home but he cannot admit me without regular contractions and I don’t want to be induced. Guess I will go for another walk while there is a break in the rain

Yes, we remember this, twice. This baby is on its way, on its own time schedule and this is only the beginning of adapting to its needs. It always seems so frustrating and so slow. I often wondered how 9 months was the average when every one I knew delivered well past the predicted due date. Hang in there (you have a choice?) and all the best. These are good times.

Oh dear…I remember those last days well. I tried all kinds of stuff and hoped it would help. In the end they came when they wanted. :lol: DD1 was 2 days early, and DD2 was on her due date. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your little one doesn’t go beyond the due date!

My first son was a week early and this baby dropped early(and twice) so OB was predicting he would be here early and quick. Now I am edging closer and closer to my due date… When I saw him Thursday morning I had been having contractions on/off for several hours and he said he figured I was in labor and had progressed a lot in one week so he ended my appt with “see you tonight.”

Been there, done that…the almost-labor can go on forever. That said, I hope you’re flying to the hospital by now for a really quick, easy labor and a healthy kid!:grphug:

With my third and last baby I was 5 days late. I was getting very impatient. When labor finally started they were barely there contractions last lasted only 35 seconds each. Hospital staff didn’t think I was in labor but I knew I was. 30 minutes after admission I had a healthy baby girl. Best wishes for things to go as smoothly for you and the baby! Congratulations!

Best wishes for a smooth labor and a healthy baby!

ok - today’s my due date and I spent 3 hrs swimming in the pool with my toddler so if that doesn’t induce labor then nothing will. have another appt on Thursday…maybe I’ll feel more agreeable to induction by then

Oh boy. Not fun ever, but in the heat of summer…ugh! I’m not sure I’d have wanted to be induced either. There’s something about having it all happen the way nature intended. However, I also understand why you might.

Jan - I am hoping when I see the MD that I am far enough along that he can induce labor just by breaking my water. I had my son without medication and I was hoping to do the same with this one.
On the bright side, my son is sleeping and my mom is doing my laundry so I guess I will kick back and knit a blanket for the new little guy. At this rate I may have it finished before he shows up : )
Thanks for letting me whine.

I recommend going to the park and swinging (in a swing, of course, but be safe). I’ve heard it’s a great way to induce labor, but I wouldn’t know if it actually works or not!!

Vaknitter-- how are you doing? 3 days past your due date. We used a home birth midwife who had lots of tips for starting labor. The number one trick that I’ve heard works for a lot of people is actually to have some intimate time with your partner. :wink: And make sure you’re not sipping wine, or other alcohol, because that slows things down and can even stop labor. The average actual birth date is 8 days past the due date (at least for first time moms, faster for second children).

Maybe no news is good news, eh?

My son is finally here !! My water broke while doing errands on Friday morning so I drove up to the OB’s office and he said, “I hope you didn’t want an epidural. Head to the hosp and I’m right behind you”. My son was born less than 2hrs after my water broke and no back labor so I am one happy momma.


Yay! Congratulations!!

Congratulations on your new little one! So glad to hear he didn’t keep you in suspense too long and that your labor was over soon.

:woot: :yay: :cheering:

Baby boy successfully completed! Big cheer and congratulations to you. Great news.

:woot: :woohoo: :cheering: Congratulations!!!:yay:

Congrats! You’ll have to post a photo for us.