Still Lost....2x2 Rib V-Neck decreases

Hello, I can’t seem to find the right place to type my questions. Sorry to anyone I’ve sent msg to by mistake. :aww:

Knitting “Riviera” Ribbed Pullover by Kathy Hightower for skacel collection. Just following pattern and did not build in any extra stitches for edges. At the front neck edge after the split, is it correct to k2tog, p2tog and ssk, ssp respectively when one stitch is k and the other p? They don’t always come out alike because of the 2x2 ribbing and the 1 st decrease at each neck edge EOR.

It looks bumpy, uneven. Is that ok? No neckband added later. Just a crochet crab stitch border around neck edge.

Thanks for your help. And patience while I learn to navigate the site. :wink:

Oh, I answered in your other thread, it’s okay to keep one going for the same project if you want, but starting a new one to ask about a different section is alright too.

It sounds like what you’re doing would work out alright. They won’t be exact mirrors on either side of the neck because of the split. If you can post a picture of what the V looks like, we can see what’s going on.

Thanks for your help on the knitting and the threads. At this time I can’t send a picture of the sweater or a link. It’s one I bought in a lys a long while back.

But I believe if I keep going as I am, it will be ok. When I come to the first neck edge - having done k2,p2,k2,p2 up to that last stitch - if it is a p, I k2tog keeping with the k stitch. If it is a k, I p2tog keeping with the p stitch. Then I do the same on the other neck edge with the ssk or ssp depending on how the sts fall.

Thank you again. I’ll work at formulating better and shorter questions.

Sure that sounds like it will work. Some of these types of things there’s no real cut and dried clear answer - you have to eyeball it and see what’s going to look the best to suit your ‘eye’.