Stiff crocheted piece?

I am very new to crochet (I did try very briefly before, but dropped it so now its like I’m back at square one), and am just making a simple “single stitch” crocheted scarf for starters.

Its going well and looks very good, but I have one small problem. The piece is rather stiff. Maybe I am using too small of a needle and thus making the piece too “compact” so that it is stiff?

I notice if I gently crumple the piece, it stays sorta crumpled because of the stiffness of it, and it doesn’t “relax” like a normal piece would.

Would washing help, or is the only answer to use a larger needle for a less densely crocheted piece?

You may be correct, that you’re using a too-small hook for the weight of the yarn. Especially so if you’re looking for a drapey (?) result. Single crochet is a pretty…ah…secure, non-draping stitch; if you’d like the scarf to be more drapey, double crochet (dc) would give you more of the desired effect, but you still need a good combination of hook size and yarn size.

What are you using right now with the sc?


Hi there,
I am using worsted weight (medium weight #4) yarn with a size G/6 4.25mm hook.

I do like the more “compactness” of the single crochet, but I think this has become too compact!

Yes, a G is too small for worsted weight yarn. Try an I or even a J hook to see if you like that better.

Thanks! I bumped up the hook size and went instead to half-double crochet to make it not quite so compact, and I’ll see if that helps.

I did end up ripping it out and starting over, but I wasn’t too far along anyways before I realized there was a problem!

Please let us know how your new combination of hook + stitch works out. :slight_smile:


It has worked out really well!! Thanks! I am about done with my scarf and it turned out pretty decent, much more “movable” than my first go at it!

Now that I am getting toward the end, this might seem like a stupid question, but how do I end it? Do I have to “cast off” the hook like in knitting (the different methods for getting the stitches off the needles and finished), or do I just stop at the end of a row and tie it off?

With crochet just end at the last st, cut the yarn so there’s a bit of a tail and pull the loop out. Then weave in the end.