Sticky yarn

I have just started knitting and am having issues with the yarn seeming sticky at times. It is very humid these days in Va. Beach, so it could just be my hands, but is this a common occurance??? Thanks for any advice.


What is your yarn made of? It probably is the humidity and your hands being damp, but something like acrylic will stick more than a natural fiber, especially if it’s kind of fuzzy.

I usually like to use cotton in hot weather, but unfortunately I’m using double strands of wool. Go figure!

I have that problem with acrylic sometimes, and what reeeeeeally helps a lot is if I stop every now and then to wash my hands. Weird, I know, but it works!! :happydance:

I am using an Encore brand yarn with 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Thanks for the help…especially being a newbie AND a man, I am going to need a lot of it.

Thanks again.


I tried that and it helped for about 10 minutes. I guess I need to wait till the humidity calms down a bit. The stickiness is making my stitches too tight. Thanks for your help…I really appreciate your time.


Oooooh look girls! Another MAN! (Watch out for Kelly!)

Actually, Encore is good stuff. Just keep your hands dry.

You might try using a different set of needles too. Bamboo, aluminum, casein…they all react differently to different yarns.

Honey, I live in Florida. Our average humidity is like 75% (It’s currently at 67%). I SO know where you’re coming from.

When the yarn sticks and doesn’t slide through my fingers well, I just adjust how I hold it, I usually wrap it around my pinky, over my ring finger, under the middle finger, then over my pointer. When it’s been very sticky out, I’ve gone so far as to only go over my pointer. It feels weird, but it works.

Thanks again for the help. I was afraid I was the only person who had this problem. Good to know there are others…well you know what I mean. Thanks again for the help.

It is also good to know there are other men doing this.


Just out of morbid curiousity, what does gender have to do with anything? it’s great to have another guy on here, but if you think that knitting is only for women, guess again, there are quite a few of us on the website that knit. Granted, we’re few and far between, but then again, with all the ladies on the site, I would consider the odds quite nice :smiley:

Just realized that I may have come across harsh, which wasn’t my intention, it’s just that the idea that there is a gender separation upsets me.

Luke, I live in the super-humid midwest, and when my yarn gets sticky I find it helpful to knit in front of a fan. :smiley:

I have adjusted the way I hold the yarn which has allowed me to knit a few more rows on my current project. The fan idea sounds pretty cool…no pun intended.

To the guys on the site… I always wondered how people could take two sticks and some string and make something, so when I saw instructions this winter on our local news web site on making a scarf, being a chef, I got a set of chopsticks and my butcher’s twine from the kitchen and went to work. It took a while, but I figured it out! Now, it is proven an awesome craft that I really enjoy, and, as proven by this site, some pretty cool people do it.

Thanks again for all of your help. I look forward to reading more from the group.


OT- well Luke, hope you enjoy this new addiction, and it is one, but a constructive one. hmm can just see if they started a new support group, Knitter’s Anonymous. “Hi, my name is Aaron, and I’m a knitter. I can’t help it, my yarn stash keeps getting bigger and bigger!” heh, anyway, this board is full of quirky people (like KellyK, hehe Hi kelly :)) But all in all, definitely a good place to be.

What about baby powder on the hands? Might look a little funny on the yarn, but if its something that will be washed anyway…

Good idea Kemp. That helped for a while. Between washing my hands repeatedly, chaninging the way I held the yarn, and applying powder, the situation cleared up (i think the yarn just gave up at that point!) Thanks for your help.


:roflhard: :roflhard: Sounds like you pretty much have it covered now!

MUAH! :blush: