"Sticky" needles?

I can’t decide whether this problem is caused by

  1. my acryllic needles (Susan Bates Crystalites),
  2. the mostly acryllic yarn (Caron Jewelbox), or
  3. maybe Im knitting too tightly (I dont think so…my right needle always slides in effortlessly)
    but, my needles seem “sticky”. Same problem when I knit with a wool blend.

I bought the crystalites because they were affordable in sets (and really CUTE with all those rainbow colors…) and I can take them on an airplane, which is important because I take short business trips & also Im going to Costa Rica in June. I didnt like bamboo so much because they didnt slide nice.

Any thoughts? :thinking:

I would say that it is most likely the needles. If you like slippery, you may want to try Addi Turbos. I have heard people swear by them. Personally I like sticky needles, such as bamboo for dpn’s because I never have to worry about them sliding out of my work. Others hate them for the reasons you mentioned.
Yeah, addi turbos are all I can think of… sorry


Yep, Addi Turbos are very slick. I have two pair. I think your problems can be a combination of the yarn and the needles. I am now making an afghan w/ my 17 Addis and the yarn doesn’t move so well over the Addis. I know it’s the yarn b/c other yarns move over them just fine.

I love my addi turbos. The owner of my lys warned me when I bought my first pair, “you will never want to knit with anything else”. She was right. It is not only how smooth the needles are, the cord is soft and flexible and never gets in the way. They are so expensive though. I am going to try the naturals next, they are not quite as pricey.

Naturals? What are those?

I have a couple pair of aluminum needles, and EVERYTHING slid off of those…now I seem to have gone to the opposite extreme!

I am also eagerly awaiting the delivery of my denise interchangeables…maybe Ill never have to worry about this again.

Can you bring addi turbos on airplanes?

Looks like they are called Addi Natura. No L. They are bamboo. I saw them at the not so local yarn store. They look very smooth. BTW, I always use circular needles. I have successfully brought my knitting on 11 planes, some with the addi turbos, all with kids saftey scissors and a crochet hook.

on knitty gritty she showed how to rub a piece of wax paper over you needles a couple of times and things should go smoothly. never tried it because i have the denise interchangeable needles :rollseyes:

AAH! This is a good idea! I will try & get back to ya.,