Sticky Needles

Most of my needles sets are Boye, since thats what my local craft store keeps. They’re aluminium, and something has been happening with them lately that I’m not really used to. Now when I knit, they are sticky. I haven’t gotten anything on them, but my stitches don’t really slide easily across them anymore.

I’ve tried cleaning them off and that didn’t really help any. Is there somethign that I’m missing. Just as a reference. I prefer needles that let the yarn slide very freely. I don’t really drop stitches that much anymore and am comfortable with this. But now, even when I move the stitches just to get them out of the way, its really difficult to knit them. Also, I would not say that I am a tight knitter. So they should be moving freely. Why is this happening?

If my needles start to get a little sticky feeling, I just run them thru my hair. :thumbsup: Works great every time!
(((HUGS))), Verna
My hair really isn’t dirty, just a little on the oily side. If you don’t have that problem, rub them with some wax paper or a hank of wool yarn.

The Boye needles don’t last forever, either. The color part can wear off and get a bit scratched, so they may need replacing now and then.

I wonder if this is what is happening. I’ve had mine for quite some time now and the color is wearing off. So maybe its just time to get some new ones. Any suggestions as to what type I should get as to avoid this in the future?

I love the nickel-plated Addi Turbos and KnitPicks needles. Very slick and never wear out.

I only use circulars for all my knitting, flat or circular, so the interchangeable Knit Picks set, Addi interchangeable and the fixed circulars from both suit all my needs.

And, yes, I [B]do [/B]have waaaaay more needles than I need.:shifty:

Highly recommended if you’re looking for slick:
Susan Bates Quicksilver
Addi nickel-plated
Knit-Picks Options nickel-plated

Very UN-recommended, because they all have some grab:
Bamboo of any brand
Wood of any type, actually, including Lantern Moon, rosewood, etc.
Knit-Picks Options Harmony and Zephyr
CrystalLites, Candy Cane, Crystal Ice, Daisy and any other plastics.
Kollage Squares.

For super nice slick needles, the Addi Turbos hands down. You’ll never go back!

My mom has some nearly -50 year old Boye or Bates needles that she still uses and she doesn’t complain that they’re sticky (she has told me about knitting a sweater on them when she was in high school). If you knit tightly this might be more of a problem than she has, too. For me, it’s the tight knitting which causes the most problems with sticky needles.

I don’t know about the Boyes not lasting forever… I have some that are about 30 years old. The colored finish has worn through on the tips, but they don’t seem to be scratched.

i’ve also noticed the boye ones i have don’t last as long as my bates…

the problem i’m having with my bates is that as the color wears off, their sizes go down… ie my 7’s fit through the hole for a 6 on my metal gauge thing.

Are you sure they were the right size before? I wouldn’t think the color finish would take them down a whole .5mm, and Boye’s are known to be off a bit in sizing.

I just purchased some hiya hiya interchangeables and I love them. I mostly chose them because they are one of the only sets available with a 16" cord and I have a love affair with making hats, which take a 16". You can go do a google search. I believe they are made of steel. They are between KnitPicks and Addis in price but closer to Knitpicks. They have two different sets the size 2 through 8 and a set with 9 through 15 with four cables.

:muah: I think I’m in love!
I started a new scarf with the #8 needles on a 16" cord. I’m on the 11th row & the needles are a perfect fit for the way I knit. My hands really enjoy the feel of them.
(((HUGS))) Verna
I didn’t realize that they don’t have end stops or a connector with them though. Hopefully these will be added in the future. The carry case is really well thought out.
I read yesterday that the large size set won’t be available until the end of the year. Bummer cause I’m ready to order now!!!:woot:

Perspiration can be corrosive (acidic or alkali) and could etch some metal. Aluminum is particularly vulnerable to corrosives. Nickel is very resistive to it.

I haven’t had that problem with my metal needles yet, but my Timex wrist watch (3 yo) has rough edges on the base metal bezel from perspiration corrosion but the stainless steel back is perfectly fine.

If your needles are etched, then a fine sand paper may help smooth them out. By fine I mean 600 grit or larger (the bigger the number the finer the grit). Sanding will make the needle smaller. I have only used sand paper on wooden needles. YMMV.

Needle sizes differ between brands. It is even more noticeable with crochet hooks. If the plating is flaking off, it can easily make a difference of 0.01 (one hundredth of an inch or 0.25 mm) in reduced size.