Stich Pattern number of stiches doesn't match number of stitches on needle

I am a beginner knitter, knitting a sweater on circular needles.

Everything has been fine until now…I had to cast on stitches in the middle of a row–I had 10 stitches and I cast on 29 more to make 39 stitches on my needle. Having done that, I am told to now work the “Full Stitch Pattern” for several rows. My confusion is that the Full Stitch Pattern is 20 stitches. How do the 39 stitches on my needle work with the 20-stitch Full Stitch Pattern? Even if I repeat the Full Stitch Pattern, that should equal 40 stitches–one stitch too many for my needle, right?

A note–the Full Stitch Pattern is this: “*K1, (yo,k1) 3 times, (ssk) 3 times, (k2tog) 3 times, rep from *, k1”

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Meredith in Ohio

“*K1, (yo,k1) 3 times, (ssk) 3 times, (k2tog) 3 times, rep from *, k1”

Hmm. Are you sure you posted this correctly? As it stands, you’re increasing 3 times but decreasing 6 times. You’d run out of stitches.

Hello again. Thanks for helping. I think you are correct, that I did not post the row pattern instructions correctly the first time. Sorry! Makes a little bit of a difference :wink: To reiterate, I have 39 stitches on my circular needles, and I now have to start with the pattern row:

*K1, (yo,k1) 3 times, (ssk) 3 times, (k2tog) 3 times, (k1,yo) 3 times, rep from *, k1

The pattern instructions above are prefaced with this:

(Mult. of 19 + 1)

which I don’t understand. My problem is that I understand how to use my 39 stitches on the needle to work this pattern row–the number of stitches doesn’t seem to add up equally between the pattern and the stitches on the needle. How many stitches will I be using to work this row, and how many should I end up with on the needle at the end of the row?

Sorry for the initial mistake in the pattern instructions!

That sounds better.
First, a stitch pattern count of 19 + 1 means that if you were to widen the pattern, you’d have to cast on any multiple of 19 and then add 1. In this case, 38 + 1 would give you the correct number of stitches, assuming that everything is written correctly.
[I]*K1, (yo,k1) 3 times, (ssk) 3 times, (k2tog) 3 times, (k1,yo) 3 times, rep from *, k1
This set of stitches would use:
K1 = 1
(yo, k1)3 = 3
(ssk)3 = 6
(k2tog)3 = 6
(k1,yo)3 = 3 these add up to 19
plus your
k1 = 1
So you would k1,(yo,k1)3,(ssk)3,(k2tog)3,(k1,yo)3 TWICE
and then k1
That’ll use your 39 stitches.

yes don’t forget that you are only repeating betweem the * * not the very last K1. the part between the * * uses 19 stitches. If you reapeat this twice you have used 38 stitches which leaves you with 1 , which is that very last k1.

Thanks to you both…I’ll study your responses, try it out, and let you know if I was successful. Thank you for taking your time to help!


Hello again–Just wanted to follow up. I tried your instructions, and was able to knit the row with no problems! Everything came out just as the both of you said it would. Thank you both so much for your help! :muah:

Meredith, beginner knitter in Chagrin Falls, OH