i am new here to the forums, but it looks like a wonderful place to ask questions…so here goes…

what are “steeks”…i am interested in knitting in the round and i keep hearing about these but have no idea what they are???

thank you so much for your help!!!

ellie (wehewes)

This is a great series on steeking. Have yet to try it (and not sure I ever want to), but she explains everything very thoroughly.

I’ve done steeks and they’re not as scary as they sound. They are extra stitches that you knit and later cut so you can knit all the way up a sweater in the round. You make steek stitches for the armholes and sometimes for the neck shaping. You can also do a cardigan in the round with steek stitches up the front opening, which you cut open later for the front of the sweater.

I showed some of the steps on a sweater I did here