Steaming? Blocking? Washing?

Allllright! It’s on the board all the little pieces ready to be “blocked”. However, my yarn shop uses a steamer. My only tool would be a pretty decent steam iron. 100% Merino superwash. Any tricks, techniques, or suggestions are very welcome. I used to seam, then wash and block. But, I understand that is wrong, so should I just steam/block, or should I wash the pieces seperately and then seam?

Thank you again :wink:

Hi, I was going to give you a link to Lucy Neatby’s site. She is a great knitter. In her section about hints and techniques she has some good stuff about blocking. She has decided that steam blocking is not the best and tells what she does. It is pretty easy. The reason I can’t give you the link right now is that every time I try to go to her site my computer times out. Something wrong? You can try going there via a Google search.

Lots of opinions about blocking. This is one idea.

Her site won’t load for me either… :shrug: :?? :???:

i think a lot of it depends onthe fiber. I have heard a lot of people say blocking before seaming is better as you can make sure all the peieces are the right size and shape before putting them together which is easier to correct than trying to sort it al out after (eg, the sleaves are a little tight, blocking them to a better fit is easier when they are by themselves than when they are attached to other bits).

Saying that though most of the times i have blocked (it isn’t many) the fiber i was using allowed me to give the whole thing a good hand wash then squeezing out the excess water and leaving to dry in shape.

There is some good discussion about blocking and various methods that can be used in this article from Knitty.

I have just completed a shawl using Lion Brand Suede Print. I have never blocked anything before and I need some help with the process. Is there info on this site or on the web to show how to block. I have some lace patterns that I will be working on shortly and I will have to block them as well.

Debbie in Bama