I just finished blocking a sweater, but as soon as I unpinned it then edges started curling again. Of course I still need to knit the front bands. But I am wondering if I need to invest in a hand steamer. Any thoughts?

Is the stitch pattern stockinette stitch? It has such a strong tendency to curl or even flip a border.
What kind of yarn did you use, wool, acrylic, a blend or something else?

Arne and Carlos use this steam blocking for wool garments using an iron and damp towel. I’ve never been brave enough to try it but they are certainly experienced knitters.


It’s 100% acrylic. I just finished one side of border which is done in garter stitch. Then finish the right side and then attach sleeves and I’m done with first sweater. I’m hoping that it will lay flat.

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This is the video I’ve used for small acrylic projects. It works for a good while and then should be re-done.