Steam Blocking Troubles

Alright, I am VERY new to blocking. I have sucessfully wet blocked 2 FOs and they turned out great. I finished knitting a stocking and now I need to block it so I can easily seam the back. I have a new Rowenta iron (the box says its great for steaming) and I am not able to steam sucessfully. I pin the stocking but there is a flaw in my steaming technique. Is steaming a very slow process? Should the stocking feel wet afterwards or just slightly damp?

Hi there! Here is a really good article for how to block different types of yarn. Also, when I steam block, I place my knitting wrong side up and and use a wet towel over it. I just feel my iron doesn’t create strong enough steam to steam block my knitting. Hope that helps!

I just realized that I didn’t give you the link to the article… Sorry about that!

I use a steamer and have no idea about steam irons (my hand me down iron is from before steam was invented), but my steamer goes pretty quickly and the stuff only feels slightly damp for a very short while.
I would think an iron that advertises it works good at steaming would produce steam like a steamer, but with the much smaller reservoir probably not.

Professional steam tables and models go extremely quickly, they pump the steam in and then suck it back out.

I don’t think an iron is really the ideal tool for steaming.