State of confusion

Hoping someone can help me with some instructions. It’s for a sweater and the sweater has holes, or guess more like a lacy pattern. After casting on, the instructions read as follows: edge st., P9, slip 1 purlwise tog with yarn-over (slip 1), P10, slip 1 . . . I’m not understanding the slip 1 purlwise tog with yarn-over (slip 1) so that it’s ultimately one slipped stitch and a hole/space should be there I’m assuming.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated as usual!!



Is that the first row? It is kind of confusing, because not only do you do the slip1 with a yo-- which I guess I would just slip 1 st, do a yarn over on my right needle and then slip that to the left-- but it also then says “(slip 1)”. Don’t quite get that. What is the pattern? Can you provide a link? Or the book and page so if someone has it they can look at it? If you got it off of the Internet, can you e-mail the designer? Something I sometimes do if a pattern is weird, is to cast on just a few sts and practice it for a few rows to see what happens before trying to do it in a sweater.

If you link to the pattern and give us the name of it it’ll be easier to help.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is the first row and after much frogging I’m “assuming” the “slip 1 purlwise tog with yarn over (slip 1)” means that that represents a slip 1. The pattern is Gedifra Design 297. I’m going to plow along for a few rows and see how it goes.

Thanks again.


But where does that come from? Is it in a book, or a pamphlet, or free on-line? Nothing specific is coming up when I search that.

I believe I bought the pattern and yarn as a kit from an online store and unfortunately I don’t remember which store. Forgot I even had it until I started “organizing” (ha ha) my stash. I also attempted a search on Ravelry to see if anyone else had done the pattern, but no luck.

Appreciate your efforts and replies. I’ve done 12 rows so far and think it may be working, or I may have created my own new stitches (lol).

Thanks again,


Maybe what they are telling you to do is to [COLOR=Red][U]make[/U] a yarn-over [U]too[/U],
[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]in addition to slipping 1 purlwise.

[COLOR=Black]When I stumble upon mysterious pattern directions such as this one you’ve got…I just make a swatch…and keep tinkering with it until it looks right.

With this pattern you’ve got…if the row you are having issues with is the row immediately following the cast-on row…then you would not have any pre-existing yarnovers to slip TOGETHER WITH a slipped purl.

So it MUST BE that you are to CREATE a yarnover that you will slip AND you will also slip a Purl.

Does the NEXT ROW ask you to K2Tog over some stitches?
I ask this because those ‘yarnovers’ in row 1 will be increasing your stitch count.