Stashbusting Scarf

I hesitated posting this because who really wants to show off a garter stitch scarf anymore, right?. But I decided to post this for 2 reasons:

1-This Summer, stash busting is the theme around here, and this scarf helped me to use up 1 1/2 balls of a yarn I have NO CLUE why I bought in the first place, plus some chunky acrylic that I’ve had for more than 6 years. :rollseyes: Just a reminder that there are things you can find in your stash and just CO, no pattern, no reason, just knit.

2-This is going to be a gift for my daughters’ dance teacher and when I think about it, I could just knit a bunch of these in different leftover yarns and let them sit in the closet until a gift opportunity presents itself - as it always does!

I knit this on Size 17 circulars, just using a long tail cast on until I ran out of yarn and knit every row.

What a lovely, rich color!

Wonderful job!!

It looks great! I love the idea of knitting up a bunch of stash-buster scarves and keeping them for gifts. Who wouldn’t LOVE a hand-knitted scarf and what a great way to use up left-over yarn!

Why thank you!! :smiley:

This only took me a couple of hours from CO to weaving in the ends.
If you make them narrow, it takes even less yarn and less time and you can even give them to your friends in warm weather places as “fashion” scarves :wink: Can’t beat that!

Very pretty colors and a great idea!

I’m sure that scarf’s recipient will be thrilled. :smiley:

I keep at least one or two scarf projects going at all times. They make great mindless knitting for those times you can’t really concentrate, but don’t want to not be accomplishing something. When each one is finished, I tuck it away on a shelf in my closet until gift-giving time rolls around.

:smiley: Lovely scarf, I love the color. Ahhh, stashbusting…I stink at it, not even gonna try it :rofling: :roflhard: