Stash poll (on someone else's blog)

Not my blog, but I love taking polls, especially if knitting-related:

Shoot! I voted, then hit the wrong button & lost the poll results & I can’t see them…phooey…anyway, I was #2 :wink:

heh - I was #1, but if an earthquake hits I’m definitely gonna suffocate!

This was my vote:

I have a reasonable stash and I’m comfortable with it. 40%

I’m not sure what a large stash of yarn is considered to knitters! :lol:

My vote was for the 4th Option “I have a small-ish stash and wouldn’t mind increasing, if I could afford to”. My stash almost fills an 18-gal plastic rubbermaid tote/bin.

i went with the reasonable stash. it seems a little out of control because their is no organization to it but i don’t think it is a LOT…

of course my mother has filing cabinets full of cross stitch books that she will never ever get to so maybe my perception is a bit skewed. :rollseyes:

I went with “I have a reasonable stash and I’m comfortable with it.”

I have a lot of yarn but 90% of it has a final purpose. I don’t like buying a lot of yarn that I don’t know what I’m going to do with. Some of it is for projects far into the future - then I can fondle it for a little while! :wink:

I thought I had a lot, but after seeing some of yours I had to say mine was smallish. :lol:

Mine is definitely on the small side, although it increases exponentially sometimes. I’m so looking forward to having a yarn budget.

Now…ya’ll all make me sound like I have a whole bunch of yarn & I bet I don’t have nearly as much as ya’ll…except for Carol, she was very honest…I think ya’ll are bluffing :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

I have a feeling there are more #2’s here than y’all are admitting! :lol:

I have a smallish stash…and I feel so…inadequate. What would Freud say? I think I have “stash envy.” :wink:

Well I’ve seen pix of several peoples and mine is nothing compared to them. LOL

I submit the following evidence to back up my answer! :stuck_out_tongue: in an effort to do SOME organizing this weekend this is where the majority of the stash has ended up at the moment. the only thing missing is a container of oddballs and some Lornas Laces that i got in the mail recently. i am still staring at that! :wink:

when i first started knitting i couldn’t imagine needing more yarn than what is in that basket in the front there! :doh:

Okay, here’s mine in all it’s glory. I do have a couple skeins of donated yarn and the ball that I’m working on now out, but that’s it. :wink:

That thing you have your yarn in is so cool! :heart: I heart it muchly :slight_smile:

I have no idea how you keep your cats (I’m assuming because of your quote) out of that, Jan! It’s like a gigantic cat play thing!

Thanks Carol and Sandra! I got the storage thingy at Ikea! It was $3.99! We had to put in a strong eyebolt and then DH had to sew the velcro ends together because apparently yarn is heavy! :shock: :lol:

The REAL Ikea link!!!

As for the cat…when we first put it up she was curious and nosed it a bit, but she never did try to get into it. It’s about 18 in off the floor. She is 15 though so I imagine a kitten would be a nightmare! :shock: :roflhard:

ummm…is anybody else seeing the same thing i am when i click on that “Ikea” link? :rofling:

Oh. My. Goodness. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I have no idea how it happened! Anyway I added the correct link and left the wrong one so it would make sense. That is my photo btw… from Chinatown in NYC. :lol: