Stash help please

Good morning everyone.
I need a bit of help with my ever growing stash of yarn. I don’t want to hide it, I want to be able to see it. What are some of the clever ways you store your yarn so you can find the yarn you want? I don’t need to display it to the world, just me. I’m off to the grandtwins this morning so I’ll check back this evening. Thanks everyone.
Nikki :blooby:

Dang, I thought you wanted help getting RID of your stash! :wink:

If you have space in a closet, you could use something like these…

(all found at Target)

Like those ideas Kristen! Also the clear containers they sell at target work and keep dust out (just in case it takes you a while to work through it all :wink: )

I plan to take some yarn, put it in a large vase, stick some needles in it decoratively, and viola! A place to put yarn and be pretty too!

OH…love the vase idea. I have to do that! Or in a large fruit bowl…but I have cats so I don’t think that would last long.

I have yarn and needles in vases and baskets, all over the place! I try to make them look like decorations. I put the colors in patterns in baskets and what not. It’s funny because I think if it was all in one place DH would realize how much there is, but he walks by baskets full everyday and never says a word when I say I need to buy more! Not once has he pointed to any of it and gone, “when are you going to make something with that?!”

** watch him do it tonight!! ** :roflhard:

Also you can use those clear zippered clear plastic bags, like that new linens, bedspreads, etc. come in for storing yarn, will keep the dust off, but you can still see what the contents are.

Kinda like these…

Once we finish getting all moved in, I wanna see if I have space for one of these cube-type shelves so that I can store my yarn. I found this at evil Target, too…they also have soft boxes that fit right into these shelves. You can use the boxes to hold some yarn or knitting tchotchkes.

WOW, thanks! :cheering: Looks like I’m off to Target tomorrow!
Nikki :blooby:

That’s what I use, saved our king size comforter’s bag…works well for now-can’t wait till my stash grows…

They wear out after a while. I need a new one. :frowning:

Before YARN became my obsession, I collected other things. :doh: One thing I looked for at garage sales, etc., was glass pitchers and large glass vases in pretty shapes. :heart: So I took my pitchers out of the cabinet and put them on my bookcase, and put in yarn with needles sticking out!! I love seeing those pretty colors in clear glass-it’s a part of my home decor, now!! My dh doesn’t really say anything about it-- (I’m the one who writes out the checks for the bills and he’s the one that works!)but I try not to “grow” more yarn too often!! :shrug: Yarn’s sorta like pounds–sneaks up on you and pretty soon , it’s outgrown its britches!!

I REALLY love the idea above though, from Target–I don’t have one nearby, but WalMart might have something similar.

But I use all the plastic comforter/bedspread zip-bags, clear containers, baskets, vases/pitchers I have, and I still have some stashed around in drawers! I guess you could say I have a problem!! :teehee: :teehee:

That’s why I love this place!! It’s NO PROBLEM here!! :cheering:

What cool ideas!!! I use this tote thing that has zippers and you put yarn in it. I also use a beach bag. Maybe my stash isn’t as big as I thought it was lol. I really love that hangy closet thing idea !!! If I didn’t have to store everyone else’s JUNK in my closet I would love to put one of those in mine.

I found this at Lowes.

I actually bought one of these from Target and I love it. I only bought 4 of the drawers. I use one to keep all my needles and notions in. The others are stuffed with yarn! I have my projects in other baskets that I am able to put in the unit as well. I want to make a runner for the top one of these days. I also have a built in bookcase that is located to left of it which have few bins of yarn in that as well.

The first one on the list is really good if you don’t have a whole lot of yarn. I have 3 of them and they do okay if I’m not digging to much. If the cat tries to climb on them, they do fall to the floor. The velcro is supposed to keep kids from climbing on them and getting hurt, they don’t say anything about cats getting half way up to the ceiling and then falling into a pile on the floor. IKEA sells them as well as target, but they have solid colors. I personally got the white. I like it, but again, if you have a ton of yarn you may find it on the floor often.

I like the cubes for storage with baskets around. I have added a large gallon jar to the top of the piano for left over sock yarns.

This holds “some” of my yarn and books. Since I often knit things on a whim I find having yarn out where I can see it helps me figure out what I want to work with, what I want to add or not get more of and just generally helps me when I feel creative.

My daughter uses the IKEA hangers in the corner of her room behind her door for yarns she’s working with or reserving for an upcoming project. This works well to use space that wouldn’t be very useable otherwise.

I bought the following to keep winter gloves, hats, socks etc accesible and sorted. I really like how solidly it’s made and how each shelf slides out. Now I am thinking I should have one for more yarn! I may need to line them with something to keep smaller yarn skeins from slipping through.

Mama Bear

i LOVE showing off my stash!!! :muah:

i have these awesome painted metal tubs, like the kind u might use
to keep drinks cold outdoors at a bbq. i have needles sticking out of the
mixed colors and textures of yarn hanks and wound balls.
i also have a couple of vases with different sizes and types of needles displayed like bouqets.

and of course, my MAJOR stash is stored in a small wardrobe that i painted and outfitted the inside with metal sliding baskets from THE CONTAINER STORE… now that place is really AWESOME :woot:

I am going to get a couple of these - some for #1 son at college (since he has a vast array of 100+ t-shirts he thinks he needs) and some for me at home.