Starting sock heel flap

Help! I’m ready to start the stitches for the heel. I’m following a pattern in Sensational Knitted Socks. Where we begin the heel it says to start on the WS row, so turn work before beginning. I’m not sure, does that mean I flip the sock inside-out? Right now the working yarn is coming from one needle where I have 16 stitches on it. If I flip the work inside out, which stitch do I begin knitting with and where does my working yarn go? I’m a continental knitter so I need to hold the yarn in my left hand. I feel lost. It’s probably very simple but I just can’t seem to get it oriented to begin knitting.

Okay, here’s what you do:

  1. Knit or slip and knit the stitches for the heel flap onto one needle.
  2. Turn your work, ignoring the rest of the sock. The backside of the knit stitches you just finished will be facing you. Put the yarn forward as to purl.
  3. Slip/purl/whatever across that needle.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, psammeadred.

Well, it just confuses me when they say to rearrange stitches to center pattern over the instep by unknitting the last purled stitch and then moving it to the next needle, then moving another stitch to the next needle and then again to the third needle–what is the purpose of that? I did it anyway, but I did not have to turn my work as I was already looking at the ‘wrong side’ of work where I have my 32 stitches for the heel. So I’m just going with it and seeing what happens. If it turns out wrong I’ll have to frog, but I think it will be ok. Where oh where is my personal knitting assistant?! :lol:

I’ve always found that instruction a bit ridiculous in Sensational Knitted Socks, too. Why would you work that stitch and then immediately UN-work it??? :shrug: Never made sense to me why they don’t just say on that last round to ‘work until 1 stitch remains’ because really it is the same thing. You do, however, need to rearrange the stitches so that when you do come back to do the instep later on that the stitch pattern is centered on the top of the sock.