Starting off early!

My sil had me teach him to knit when his daughter was born… He’s a Marine MP and is totally in love & controlled by his daughter, lol. She is now 23 months old.

My daughter is pregnant, soon to deliver son and is going through nesting phase… Where everything has to be cleaned, organized and rearranged.

What do these 2 things have in common?

My sweet granddaughter found her Daddy’s knitting needles. She was trying to knit w/ some yarn when my daughter found her. My daughter took away the needles, and explained why she should not be “knitting” on her own. She gently poked her daughter with the end… stating… see… they are sharp, you need your Daddy to help you.

My granddaughter looked up at her mother, took away the needles, gently poked my daughter in the tummy, and stated " Don’t poke, bad" and walked away. :roflhard:

My daughter almost fell on the floor. She realized she shouldn’t have poked her daughter to make her point, and was lol too hard to say anything else.

She looked in on her daughter, and she sat on the floor, “knitting, like Daddy”.

Oh how I wish the camera wasn’t on the first floor, and they were on the 2nd. I really would have liked to see how she was casting on!.. :teehee:


to make her “point”??

pun pun! :roflhard:

That’s so funny. What a little smartie she is!

to make her “point”??

pun pun! :roflhard:[/quote]

My DH plays WOW. I dunno his info though…I do know he hit 60…something or another…it was big deal.